A Trip by Plane

I like to travel very much. It is some kind of hobby. I even have a map. It hangs on the wall in my room. There I mark places that I have visited. I like not only resorts – lying and toasting on the beach, but also to get cultural development during a trip – visiting different sightseeing, museums, theaters and so on and so forth. I make trips not only in America, but also in others continents. Among European countries I have visited beautiful Italy, romantic France, mystery England, warm Spain and even severe Russia. The most suitable way to reach such places is a plane. I prefer it to other kinds of transport. I can’t use ships, I have a seasick, as for trains and buses I just hate it. You have to buck along in stuff car for a long time, even beautiful nature and different places you go by don’t save the situation. It is another matter that you travel by air. Plane is the most comfortable and fastest transport. For the shortest time you can cover any distance and with comfort land in a place of your destination.

Once upon a time I had an urgent business trip to San Francisco. It was very important arrangement. But unfortunately there weren’t tickets to San Francisco, they were sold and to buy ticket in business class was impossibly expensive. And I had to go to San Francisco from Portland instead of air way by rail way. It was exactly a case that prejudiced me against trains. There was too stuffy and noisy. My neighbor was a young woman with a little child. This child cried all the time and besides he threw up on me. On the rail way was a little accident. And I was late to the meeting. After that case I use only planes.