Traveling by Air

Our friends were living not far from us. Their boy, named Lucas, was six years old - he was the youngest child in his family. Their house was located in the poor borough of the town near the airport. All day long his mother worked as hard as she could that to feed the family: Lucas and his two elder brothers. As for his father he had never even talked with him. Lucas was three months when his father left the family.

Lucas was a very responsible and well-bred boy - he always helped his mother to keep the house. And every day in the evening he came to his favorite stone, sat on it and watched the planes taking off. He liked to watch how they lift-off and land on. He had never run and played football with boys, he preferred planes. It was his only and great interest in his life. He had never made trips and he had never flown. So, aircrafts were a mystery for him. He dreamed about these big birds. He dreamed that one day he would get a ticket, board a plane and go to land of dreams to earn money for his family that his mother wouldn’t work at all. The next ten years he constantly worked that to save up some money and fly away. And one day it happened. At age of sixteen he left his mother for making his life better than he had. The young and provincial boy appeared in big and severe New York City. He had very hard period in his life. He worked like a galley slave days and nights; he ate once a day and these sacrifices for the sake of happiness and prosperity of his family. At this time his mother nervous, couldn’t sleep, and thought only about her dear son. Million times she regretted about her decision to let her son go, but she couldn’t change it. She only had to wait.

Lucas had a dream and a strong intention to change his life, life of his mother and his brothers. The God awarded him for his suffering and hard work. Now Lucas is a large businessman. He is owner of the airline. And he can make trip to any place on the Earth. And his family has no problems. He came to his dream through long and thorny way. To make dreams and to make plans is a very good thing. If you will strictly go to your dream, you finally will reach it. Just make dreams!